Like with many things leadership plays a pivotal role in setting up an agile transformation to be successful. While there is agile manifesto, behaviors, principles and all of that, I figured it all comes down to 4-key contracts that leadership must establish with their teams and then take their “SEAT” in an agile journey.

SEAT is really my way of qualifying 4-behaviors and establishing a “contract”.

Service Contract

More often than not, leaders are trained to get in and solve, tell the teams what to do, and even worse tell them to do it. Slowly but steadily either everyone is solving all…

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A successful enterprise in the post-pandemic age is not a new operating model, organizational structure, or a software platform. It is a different kind of company that is rooted in the tenets discussed here.

To be successful, the new age organization needs to be:

  • Purpose-driven
  • Customer-centric
  • Digitally-powered
  • Platform-oriented
  • Small-teams
  • People-Network


A purpose-driven company is very clear on the “Why” and it is typically customer-centric. The company takes a stand on something that is bigger than profits. In 2014, CVS stopped selling tobacco in its pharmacy losing a staggering $2Bn in revenues. …

In recent past, things have rapidly changed. Like many of you, I am on calls using Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Ring Central, or any other tool. My wife is doing the same for teaching her students and my 8 year old is attending classes or talking to his cousins. As I say — “life is a bit zoomed out”. Initially, we bootstrapped running between rooms, shuffling on the bed, dining table or other arrangement much to the chagrin of our ergonomics.

My son started complaining about headache, I started feeling fatigue in my fingers and my wife the strongest of three…

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After looking at top skills for Data Scientist, Product Manager, RPA Developer, I started exploring the key skills for a full stack developer. Full stack developer is kinda “all-rounder” — someone who can program a front-end such as a web-application, database such as SQL, MongoDB, or several others, and savvy with server software like PHP, ASP, Python or others.

The growth of JavaScript based frameworks, has seen a resurgence need for a JavaScript skills. People are looking for ReactJS, VueJS, and a few others. Surprisingly the databases don’t make the top 10 but do make the top 20. …

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In continuation with my prior articles on top skills for data scientist and top skills for a product manager, we discuss the top skills for a RPA Developer Job.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is about automating the most repetitive human tasks that have a semblance of rule with a computer. A recent McKinsey report estimates RPA to have an economic impact of $6.7 Trillion by 2025 and Market Research Future predicts a CAGR of 29% between 2017–2023. It will continue to automate most of the tasks and escalate outliers that need human intervention. RPA will drive efficiency, productivity, and…

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The last post titled Top Skills for a Data Scientist Job led to many individual pings, DMs, and conversations. Some of those conversations were with people who were totally new to me. One of the requests was to parse out skills needed to be a good Product Manager.

Product Management is more of an art than science. Most of the job-descriptions don’t codify the “how” but certainly talk about the “what”

Unlike a Data Scientist job, a Product Manager’s job was heavy on job-specific skills vs. the tech skills. Broadly, Product Managers are being hired in 4 categories — Tech…

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In the recent past, I have had lot of discussions around changing job-landscape, resources up-skilling/cross-skilling, key capabilities a company needs for digital transformation, and others.

I started down this path as a hobby and set myself a target of building a small MVP/may be even an Alpha version where I can automatically analyze a few job postings and parse out the key skills.

That turned into a sort of obsession.Soon I had a sample set of 76 data scientist jobs, ran Natural Language Processing (NLP) on it, looked at patterns, created a custom Named Entity Recognition (NER) model, trained it…

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Blockchain can be best understood by thinking about a human chain. In a human chain, we have a person who has certain properties like name, color or shirt, hair, eyes, and others pointing to the next and previous person in the chain. You can set rules on who can join the chain and prevent any unauthorized elements.

Blockchain just happens to be digital and a lot more secure. The two key building blocks of a Blockchain are Block and Chain. Block refers to a piece digital information about a given transaction. This includes things like model, price, brand, and other…

In the “ How to build your digital transformation strategy? “, we looked at the key enablers of digital transformation. Culture, Capability, and Canvas is a broader way to categorize them.

If you double-click into key enablers of the digital transformation, it boils down to ABCDEAgile Organizations, Business Model Innovations, Consumer Centricity, Data Driven, and E xponential bets.

ABCDE of Digital Transformation Playbook ~ @DigitallyMani®


Agile Organizations drive speed and nimbleness in the organizational model, operating model, and business outcomes. These are best suited for creating new innovations. It is about instilling deep-rooted, purpose-driven, and passionate co-founders who…

Business strategy in the digital era is one of the toughest thing to do. It requires rethinking and scaling the way you work, do business, building new capabilities while balancing the current and future. It is sometimes referred to as Digital DNA, Digital Transformation, Business Transformation in the Digital Age, and others. So how do you go about it?

Creating the enablers

We can think about these digital foundations as 3C’s— Culture, Capabilities, and Canvas.

A typical large corporation is setup to operate efficiently and effectively at scale. …

Mani Gopalakrishnan

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