Are you ready for your digital replica at workplace?

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The consumer industry has mastered the art of creating the replica and the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, and many more all-great examples of companies that have done phenomenal things with data about us (or) our digital replica. This consumer industry trend can be expanded into the enterprise for employees. Before we do that lets make a reasonable assumption that our digital replica will respect our individual privacy requirements.

INFORMATION — The data about me.

It is demographic data, personal data, and individual traits. It could range from a simple date of birth to companies we’ve worked for, to our skillsets, traits, and much more. This information can help build a more personal work environment as well as can be used to mobilize us for winning. For example, when you switch the marital status on insurance, if the company knew about the marital status — it could lead to a simple congratulatory note or in a more advanced circumstance if the data could feed the sales deals in pipeline the relationship graphs could help it win the deal. Facebook does a great job at this in the consumer world.

INTERESTS — What I like?

Twitter is a good example of something that harnesses the Interest data very well. By having us follow “each” other or brands, it enables us to receive what we need. It connects people to their interests. Imagine expanding the concept to work. We could potentially reduce the email traffic by selecting the interest areas. Be it news, notifications, subscriptions, information, and a whole slew of things could be personalized based on the interest areas. The interests could be determined by what we follow and groups we hang out on different platforms.

INTENT — What I would like to do?

Google and Google Ads are a great example of Intent. When you type in plumber in the Google search field, it knows your intent. You are looking for a plumber local to your town. Google assumes the intent and starts providing you with focused search results. If we just advance the concept over to employee digital replica, it would be great that a typical search result within the company is intelligent enough to know the project someone is working on (or) their priority and stream content relevant to the individual.

INTERACTIONS — My Personal & Digital trails

Facebook’s Social Graph is one of the most fitting examples. By providing nuggets of code (such as Like button, Connect button) and integrating it to all the various places where users interact with the systems, it amasses wealth of information in an unobtrusive way. Exploring that example further, the performance system does a great job of potentially gathering information about our interactions via “insights”. We could do a lot more to more intimately understand interactions by looking at digital foot print like click streams, likes, comments, shares, and other social interactions. It includes things like training we take, projects we work on, deals we work on, roles we look up on career system and a lot more.

INSIGHTS — Converting data into value

Using the 4Is above, we can gather a lot of data in a frictionless way and use this data to study employees as individual by creating a digital replica and then providing value by personally engaging with them be it a birthday wish, anniversary wish, or delivering content/news that they are interested in, or more effectively providing help at the point of need. The opportunities here are endless.

Well we haven’t spoken about Amazon & LinkedIn

Yes, it was for a reason. While Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other companies that are leading the way in the consumer world have approached the data issue with a certain dimension (Interest, Intent, Insight, Interaction) — Amazon has done a phenomenal job of truly applying all of the above in the context of eCommerce and Shopping. It takes each of the I’s above, turns it into value by creating a digital replica and P&L of 1 within the shopping and eCommerce context. Ditto for LinkedIn. It does the same for the professional context.

What do you think about creating an employee digital replica?

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Originally published at on June 28, 2016.

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