Do these everyday tasks differently and live a healthy year

Are you like me and many of the mere mortals who make a new year resolution and then give up on it by February? Are you thinking about hitting the gym hard and was that your resolution last year, and prior? Do you know why those don’t stand the test of times? It is because we make these things an event as opposed to it being a habit. We focus so much on making the event that we forget the simple choices and opportunities that come our way. So this new year, try these!

#1. Gym, Yoga, Running, Pilates, whatever works for you. Keep the event on. Get to it when you can. If you can do everyday give yourself a pat! just don’t celebrate with bad food.

#2. No escalators/elevators. Take the damn stairs. Always chose staircases over escalators. Lift yourself. Panting is okay…

#3. No moving walkways. Simply walk on the a stationery walkway. Walking is for you to move and not to be moved! That is point blank lazy.

#4. Don’t look for the nearest parking lot. Don’t circle the parking lot or intently compete to get to the first parking spot. It ain’t worth it. Park where you can (or) go as far as you can. Walk back to the destination.

#5. Go to the malls don’t buy. Buying online is great. You can still do it. Go to the malls, walk, and window shop. Just be on the feet.

#6. Block 30 minutes on your calendar after lunch. Just take a brisk walk. Look at the surroundings or pretend you are going to a meeting within your office. Stop cushioning the back.

#7. Stand up every now and then. Yes. If you sat for an hour (or) you squirm from sitting — its your turn to stand up.

#7. Watch what you eat. Simple things — always look for a healthy choice. Get more fiber.

#8. Hydrate with beverage — meaning Water. Water by nature is tasteless, odorless, and without fizz. Let it be that way. Just drink it.

#9. Don’t eat a lot. Eat less & eat more often. Keep food with you not the frozen kinds. But the good kinds — a toast?nuts?juices, etc.

#10. Just be happy. Give that train a miss, take the next one. Watch that lighting on your way or appreciate someone’s attire. Just observe. Life is a rush. You don’t need to rush it. When all else fails — close your eyes and just sit.

Lastly, don’t give an excuse.

This is coming from a guy who didn’t do any of the above for more than 3 decades of life but this year has made a huge difference. I look forward to keeping my resolution next year.

I am an Intrapreneur@heart. Based in Chicago, IL — I bring my expertise in digital, technology, people, education, and business strategy to innovate or solve the most complex problems for businesses.

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