The three stories I told my 3 year old and learned a lesson myself

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Story #1: Small & Mighty — Bingo

One day a Lion started chasing the Eddie. Eddie couldn’t run fast enough and after a while was so tired that he gave up. However, Antilla had other plans. As the Lion paused, Antilla walked up into Lion’s ears and started tickling him. Lion was bewildered. He wasn’t sure what was going on and was scared and slowly backed off.

Antilla then met up with Eddie and said — I am Small & Mighty Bingo!

Story #2: Small & Smart — Bingo

One day the Zoo Keeper announced a competition wherein the tallest animal would get a surprise prize. All the animals found different ways to position them to be the tallest. Antilla had different plans. It slowly climbed by the Giraffe’s head. Everyone was surprised to see Antilla’s move and had no idea how to better it.

Antilla won the competition and it said to everyone — I am Small & Smart Bingo!

Story #3: Smart & Savvy — Bingo

Dino was tired and bewildered. It had no idea why it was sneezing so much. Dino walked backwards and went to sleep. Antilla told Birdie — I am Smart & Savvy — Bingo!

It’s all in the perspective…

We then practiced the three responses. I called him small, tiny, and other things. He then could gracefully respond with one of the catch phrases. He continues to do that with grace. He suddenly felt being small isn’t a disadvantage.

As he fell asleep that night, I wondered. Thankfully, the three year old wouldn’t argue the logic to those stories but I could learn from it too.

In many instances, life is about understanding and sharing perspectives, never seeing it from a victim’s point of view, and always leading from a position of strength.

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