Three Pillars of your corporate MOOC strategy

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Thanks to the extensive investment from VCs, the extensive interest in education technology from the technology community, bloating costs of tuition, imbalance in thirst for knowledge vs. opportunity, disruption, and very many factors, MOOCs are here and they are making it to the priority list of many corporations. It is the new corporate L&D or education “in & cool”.

After pondering, I believe that the following three Cs (pillars) can help formulate a comprehensive MOOC strategy.

  • Curate: There are many off-the-shelf providers who already provide a catalog. Coursera, Udacity, Edx, Australian Open University, and few more to name a few. Between their academia relationships, validated certificates, and an environment, they already provide a great starting point for corporations to test and adopt. Corporations can simply identify the list of relevant courses in the catalog and make it available for their employee community. Of course, corporations still have to figure out any internal tuition or charge-back mechanisms.
  • Create: This is a platform play. Instructure Canvas, Udemy for Organizations, EdX are just examples of platforms that can help you create a MOOC like experience for your employees. In addition, you can also create your own environment by cobbling together a portal CMS (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint), Social groups (e.g. Yammer, Jive, or other), and Video delivery platforms (e.g. YouTube, Brightcove etc.). Very recently, I heard the term Small & Private Open Course (SPOC) being extensively used. The trick from here on is to figure out how to create something that is engaging, good production value, and is just simply great for learning.
  • Collaborate: Just about every MOOC provider today offers a partnership program using which, you can co-create content with their existing university/professor partnerships, infrastructure, and other things. In addition, you can also look at evaluating new partnership opportunities for specific specialization areas.

As you think about your Corporate Education’s MOOC strategy, the three Cs provide a framework to formulate them. So what/how are you thinking for your corporate education’s MOOC strategy?

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Originally published at on January 29, 2015.

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